To the original purchaser, Madden Manufacturing of Barrette Outdoor Living warrants for 10 years its aluminum products against defects of workmanship, and against peeling or flaking, when caused as direct result of defects arising solely from the manufacturing process.


Within 30 days of purchase, please register the product purchase online or through the mail (Madden Manufacturing Barrette Outdoor Living Warranty Department, 400 Dogwood, Lake Ozark MO 65049). Provide: Purchaser Name, Address, Phone, Email, Copy of Proof of Purchase showing Purchase Date, Price and Product.


This limited warranty does not hold Madden Manufacturing of Barrette Outdoor Living responsible for damage from causes outside of its control. The following are examples of external causes of product failure which are not manufacturing defects and which are not covered by this warranty:

  1. Normal weathering. Normal weathering is defined as exposure to sunlight and elements and weather and atmosphere which cause a colored or painted surface to gradually fade, chalk or suffer an accumulation of surface dirt, stains, fungus. The severity of any of these conditions depends upon the geographical location of the installation, the atmospheric content of the air, the intensity, duration and orientation of exposure to UV rays, as well as elements such as air pollution, hard water, fertilizer and many other influences over which the manufacturer has no control.
  2. Damage caused by improper installation or improper application or improper alteration of the handrail.
  3. Damage caused by earthquake, hurricane, tornado, cyclone, gale, lightning, fire, acts of God, flood, hail, wind, wind-borne objects, ice, or weather of a catastrophic nature as defined by the United States Weather Bureau.
  4. Damage caused by atmospheric pollution, acid rain, salt spray, and other harmful chemicals, fumes or vapors directly applied to the handrail or in the atmosphere.
  5. Damage resulting from abrasion, vandalism, misuse, physical abuse, riot, insurrection or civil disorder.
  6. Damage caused by negligence in, or failure to provide, reasonable and necessary maintenance of the handrail to prevent an accumulation of surface dirt, chalk, staining, salt, mildew or fungus.
  7. Damage resulting from soil movement, settlement, failure of any structure upon which product is installed, misuse, impact of foreign objects (including large animals), painting, varnishing or coating the products, intentional or negligent acts of damage, or any other causes not arising out of defect in material or workmanship.

Madden Manufacturing of Barrette Outdoor Living assumes responsibility only for damages which are caused by manufacturing defects in the product. The manufacturer shall not be responsible for any injuries to persons or damages to purchasers’ premises or the contents therein nor for incidental, special or consequential damages. No distributor, dealers, contractor, or applicator is authorized to obligate the manufacturer in any manner except to authenticate the issuance of this warranty. Responsibility under this warranty is expressly limited to the terms set forth herein. Madden Manufacturing of Barrette Outdoor Living will not be liable for labor expense, sales tax, delivery charges or other expenses pertaining to the removal, disposal, replacement or installation of either the original or replacement products. Any cost of expense beyond Madden Manufacturing of Barrette Outdoor Living’s liability as described herein shall be the purchasers’ sole responsibility.

The right is retained by the manufacturer to discontinue or modify any of the products, including the color of the products, without notice to the homeowner and/or consumer. Warranty is not issued that replacement product will match or be identical to the original product. Replacements may vary in color or gloss in comparison to the original product as a result of normal weathering.

If material is replaced under Warranty, products may be designated to be substituted to be of comparable quality or price range in the event the product initially installed has been discontinued or modified.

This warranty replaces all other oral or written warranties, liabilities or obligations of Madden Manufacturing relative to its products. Madden Manufacturing of Barrette Outdoor Living expressly disclaims and limits all implied warranties, including, without limitation, warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose to the extent allowed by state law. Liability under this warranty and in any matter relating to any Madden Manufacturing of Barrette Outdoor Living product shall in no event exceed the total amount paid by purchaser for such product and the manufacturer in extinguishing its liability shall have the option, in its sole discretion, to refund purchaser the amount paid for such product or to provide purchaser with replacement product as described here in. If the product is defective per the above coverages, your sole and exclusive remedy shall be replacement as provided above. Madden Manufacturing of Barrette Outdoor Living and its licencors shall not be liable for any damages, loss of use, loss of profits or interruptions of business whether such alleged damages are based in warranty, tort, contractor indemnity. This warranty is valid only in the USA.


To submit a warranty claim, notify Madden Manufacturing of Barrette Outdoor Living of claim within 30 days of discovery of occurrence of damage covered by this warranty. Notice of warranty claim must be in writing, mailed by certified mail to Madden Manufacturing Barrette Outdoor Living Warranty Department, 400 Dogwood, Lake Ozark MO 65049. This notice must (a) include a copy of the receipt used to register the product, (b) include customer’s name as originally registered, (c) describe the claimed defect, (d) contain the name of installing contractor, and (e) include photos of installed product featuring claimed damage. Such claim will include such supporting information as will be necessary for the manufacturer to assess the claim.


Madden Manufacturing of Barrette Outdoor Living will be allowed a reasonable period for inspection of any product that is the subject of a claim hereunder. If after inspection it is determined that the claim is covered by this warranty, the manufacturer shall, at its option, either repair, refinish or replace those items found to have the defect warranted against or pay an amount in cash equivalent to the cost of the remedy elected by the manufacturer. If the products covered by this warranty are not available, Madden Manufacturing of Barrette Outdoor Living shall have the right to substitute a product that, in the event of such substitution, a perfect match may not be possible. Claimants rights under this warranty shall end when the manufacturer has completed the repair, refinish, replacement or payment under this warranty.

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